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The fashion system is the second most polluting industry in the world, and Thelamont is here to show that we can (and must) change that.︎ Our garments are made of 100% pure organic cotton. As opposed to fast fashion’s production ways we are sweatshop-free and run our production ethically in Japan by a passionate team in a happy working environment. In Thelamont not only humans are happy but also animals, as all our products are vegan.♡ And women, men, we are all the same! This is why we are genderless (unisex), so just make sure to pick up your size! And feel good knowing not only you are wearing eco-friendly and cruelty-free clothes but also with each garment you purchase, you are contributing with a donation of the 5% to a Japanese NPO.

Be the (R)evolution with Thelamont!


In Thelamont we are aware of the impacts of our fabric choices on a whole process from the cultivation to the final disposal of the garment, this is why our mission is to use the eco-friendliest materials and practices we have to create our collections with the minimum impact on the Earth.

Our pieces are either made of 100% chemical-free organic cotton or recycled materials that would otherwhise be sent to a landfill. As for the coloring, we embrace the natural color of the organic cotton fiber eliminating the need of any dyeing process. We are also proud to say that we are Zero Waste: anything is wasted in our production process! All the material waste produced is kept and reused for further collections in forms of labels or fabric patchworks.

Find more about our sustainable practices in Thelamont and sustainability!

Made in Japan

Our clothes are made in Osaka, contributing to preserve Japan’s small businesses’ know-how: With globalization and the growing pace of cheap fast fashion, the relocation of production into developing countries have caused the closing of many small businesses in Japan. In Thelamont, we work with small local companies to promote the businesses around us.

Say no to sweatshops! All our production process from the design to the commercialization of the product goes through passionate teams working under a healthy working environment with excellent job conditions.



Gender equality

Women  and  men  we  are  all the same! One
 of our main missions is to fight for gender equality. This is why all our collections are genderless (unisex)! No gender divisions, just sizes!




The mission to help

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others?
”_Martin Luther King, Jr.

By shopping with us you are making a direct donation of the 5% to an NPO in Japan. In our new collection you are contributing to help Homedoor, an NPO that gives assistance the homeless in Osaka.




In Thelamont not only humans are happy but also animals, as all our products are vegan♡ This means we don’t use any materials of animal origin: no fur, leather, down, silk or wool. Only plants or recycled matter!
We are a PETA approved vegan label!